Coffee Notes Music


Detailed Music Theory

Unlike the four week course, this one goes into greater detail and presents a more academic foundation.  Students have the option of following the Royal Conservatory of Music Curriculum or requesting a custom-made course outline.  Currently, RCM levels 1 through 9 are offered.  Other music theory instruction includes sight singing, solfeg, and advanced ear training.


    Four-Week Music Reading Course

    A primer for the beginning musician who would like to learn how to read music. prior music experience is necessary! Not only do you learn theoretical concepts, but you apply them right away with the use of a portable keyboard.  Some of the material covered includes:

    • basic note reading 
    • basic intervals
    • major and minor scales.
    • key signatures
    • time signatures
    • rhythms
    • terminology...and much more


      What are people saying about 

      the Coffee Notes Music

      Four-Week Music Theory course?

      I just completed The Four Week Music Reading Course..... 
      I came to the Course with absolutely no musical background or training but at age 66 discovered how much fun singing in a choir could be. But while the songs were often familiar the music itself was just a complete mystery. So I registered for the Four Week Music Reading Course, but with misgivings or as I expressed them "Pre-Race Tension". But once "launched" I learned so much; but more than that it was the way I learned. Simply the material itself was just what I needed, with no assumptions of knowledge; or "Leaping Tall Buildings". But more than that Lorne, our instructor delivered the information in a way that I could understand and was fully prepared to "pause the class" until we were all on the same page. The Course did take time at home and yes there was homework but the steps taken and the progression left me feeling that "Yes" I could actually understand the music I was seeing in my choir. Do I have all the answers..... No..... But I am "well and truly launched". 
      Thank you Lorne,
                                                                                                      - Brian W. 

      "Lorne brought light to my theory darkness."
                                               - Cheryl A.

      "Lorne has an amazing depth of musical knowledge! (And patience!)  This course is a great, short intro to the world of how music, as we know it, it written, read and then turned into sound.  It's a wonderful way to shake up those brain cells by learning something quite different and yet very familiar, especially for anyone, like me, loves to sing but never learned to read music or play an instrument.
      Go ahead challenge yourself! Learn something new!"
                                                                        - Ginny G.

      "I wish he'd eat more vegetables."
                                   - Lorne's mom

          "I was blessed to be in the first group taking 
      part in Lorne's Introduction to Music Theory.  
      He's awesome!"                       
                 - M.M.              

      "This course has helped me appreciate music so much more! Lorne is very passionate, easy to understand and listen to. He presents theory in such a way that it finally made things 'click'. Definitely one of the better courses I have taken and I would recommend it."
      - Anne Edison       


      Lorne’s Music Reading Course was a pleasure to take. It was clearly presented; with a very appropriate pace that was responsive to his students. The skills that I gained have been immediately applicable to my choir participation, and have significantly enhanced my confidence, skills and satisfaction as a choir member. I would highly recommend this course.

                                                                              - S.G.

      Hi Lorne- just a note to thank you for the excellent course I took from you on  MUSIC THEORY.  It very much met my expectations of learning  the basic fundamentals of reading and understanding written music.  I know

      This will help me in learning our choral pieces.

                                                                                         - Livia J.