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Tracks & Recording


I have created music tracks that have been used by choral organizations, individuals, and schools.  My work has been broadcast, published, and used in concerts.

With my computer music set-up, I am able to take your piece and create a fully realized, multi-instrumental digital track that can be used for karaoke, choral background, or just personal enjoyment.  I'm not a hard rocker, but I can assist with music of a classical, country, jazz, or pop nature.

Are you vocally gifted?  Your voice can be added to the finished product!



Rehearsal Tracks


Sometimes a person needs a little help to get through those difficult vocal  lines.

Supply your accompaniment track and music and I can interpolate a piano line that clearly exhibits the voice part you need.  If you don't have an accompaniment track, talk to me and I'll see what I can do.       


My large recording and editing area.  Notice all the extra room for dancing., two, three