Coffee Notes Music
original music

"Winter Solace" (2004)

A quiet, melodic piece for piano and orchestra reflecting a still winter's day.


Yours truly, with an inexplicable urge to wave around a small stick.

And in front of a bunch of people, no less.

Premiere performance of "The Light of Christmas,"

December 4, 2016.


"I Make a Wish" (2017)

Music by Lorne D. Pankratz

Lyrics by Vicki L. Graham

A reflective choral ballad for SAB and piano.  Available with a fully-realized instrumental background track.


Published Works


The Light of Christmas" (2016)

Lyrics and Music by Lorne D. Pankratz

A rousing success when it premiered, the piece is an upbeat pop anthem celebrating the birth of our Saviour. For SATB and piano.

A fully-realized background track is available.

May I? (2018)

Released as the "Coffee Notes Music Project" on April 29, 2018

Vocals by Maggie Rose

Recorded Works

New Music Single!

Love Will Win (2019)

From the Coffee Notes Music Project, released on April 28, 2019

Vocals by Maggie Rose