Coffee Notes Music


A course specifically designed for the new musician... or the professional playing instrumentalist/vocalist who would like to receive a basic grounding in music notation.  And the best's only four-weeks long so there is no long-term commitment!

So What's This All About?

The purpose of this course is to introduce the basics to folks who never got around to reading music.  The sessions are full of learning material, but the pace is relaxed and no relevant question goes unanswered.  Plus, you receive hands-on experience in class with the use of an education-grade glockenspiel to help put a practical spin on the theoretical concepts.

So...I Don't Need to Know Anything About Music?

Yes, that's exactly right.  We will go over all the basic nomenclature - symbols, signs, notes, durations, etc. and you will learn how to read music (albeit slowly at first) and eventually be able to recognize certain musical notations and even patterns.

All This in Four Weeks?

I doubt you'll be writing symphonies by the end of the course, but you will learn how to help yourself  when it comes to reading music.  This might be as simple as using a glockenspiel or keyboard to assist you with your choral voice part, or perhaps transferring your new-found information to a beginner's book for your own particular instrument.

There Has to be a Catch!

You caught me.  There is a catch.  For four weeks, you must be willing to spend your  valuable time outside of class and learn the material...which means you may have to give up your regular routine for a while.  Music is a language and the only way to learn it is through practise and repetition.  Therefore:

1) Attend class.  Missing even one class could leave you in the dust for future sessions and unfortunately, I don't have time for make-up classes...and there are NO REFUNDS for missed classes.

2) Spend quality, concentrated time on your homework, completing all the assignments.  In fact, expect to set aside about an hour a day if you really want to get full benefit from the course.  That sounds like a lot but it's only for three weeks.

So What Will be Covered Then?

You will learn note reading, major and minor scales, time values, key signatures, and basic terminology, plus whatever else comes up in class!


Where: My house.  Its location is a military secret until I get your deposit, but I can say that I live in the Triwood area in N.W. Calgary.

Cost: $249.00.  This includes your textbook, music manuscript paper, and the use of a glockenspiel during class.

What to bring: Aside from your thirst for knowledge, a plain notebook and a PENCIL.

When: The course is held on Saturdays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Class size: Limited to 6 at a time.  A small class small keeps it personalized and it's scientifically proven that six participants with an instructor is the ideal academic setting.  Plus, it's all my table can hold.

Keyboard: Since most of the concepts will involve practical application of music material, you should have a keyboard available at your disposal for home use.  If you don't, please consider borrowing a glockenspiel from me.

I'm what?

I need a certain student minimum before I can offer the course.  Therefore, to find out if it's proceeding, fill in the "Contact Me" form on this website.  I will then notify you if the next scheduled occurrence of the course is a go or not.  Usually, I will ask you if you'd like to pre-register which puts your name on a list of potential participants.  There is no charge for this and it allows you first choice of refusal should the course go ahead.


Once you have confirmation that the course will be proceeding, please use option a) or b) below:

a) Remit a $50. (fifty) dollar deposit by cheque or E-transfer which will guarantee your place for the session.  Please note: THIS DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE.  On the first day of class, please be prepared to pay the outstanding amount - cash or cheque is fine.  No credit cards, please.

b) Remit the entire fee by cheque or E-transfer.  Should you need to cancel, the entire amount MINUS $50. (fifty) will be refunded.

OPTIONAL: If you wish, you may take the glockenspiel home with you for practising purposes.  There is a nominal REFUNDABLE deposit required - cash only.  Once it's returned in good condition, your money will be refunded in full OR you can choose to keep the instrument.  For those using option b above, please DO NOT include this deposit in your payment; please bring cash for the deposit to the first class.


Four-week Music Reading Course