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Piano Accompanist


I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing choral ensembles in Calgary. 

In spite of my delightfully busy schedule, I am always available for a new opportunities.  My evenings are booked, but regular daytime accompaniment for a school or seniors' centre is always welcome.

Need a choral instructor? I can do that too - I have written music for and taught choir at the college level.



Ensemble Pianist


Great musical experiences are created when working with other professional musicians.

I have worked with many vocalists and instrumentalists over the years resulting in new relationships and memorable and enjoyable performances.

Need background music for a special event - memorials, formal/informal banquets, ship christenings?  I have a piano and I'm willing to travel.  Christian-themed events are welcome!


Playing Elton John's piano at the "National Music Centre" in Calgary, AB. 

Apparently, he said it was okay.


Yours truly at the Canmore Nordic Centre, November, 2018